About us

Our Vision

To bring foresight and an in-depth knowledge of the skills and personalities that make your construction project run efficiently, with the least disruption to your day to day operations.

Personal Bespoke Service

We get to know your style, intricate needs and requirements to allow us to satisfy construction expectations. Partnering with Contor delivers high class cost effective solutions expertly tailored to specific needs. We tailor our services to clients and consultants alike.

Your Construction Partner

Working with a dedicated and ethical partner is a world away from working with an off-the-shelf construction provider (builder). A partner is as good as part of your team and/or organisation.

Transparent Approach

It is important that throughout the journey you are up to date and understand every aspect of the build, processes and methodologies used, time-scales and cost. Contor believes that by keeping this approach, levels of success and quality of the work being delivered will be higher to the satisfaction of all parties.

Communication is key

Contor promotes clear and effective lines of communication between all parties in the process. We are approachable and easy to speak to and will keep you informed throughout the building process. We strongly encourage you to talk to us at any stage of the process.